• Imagination At Work


The “Imagination at Work” campaign was 18 months in the making. We traveled across the U.S. and internationally, to produce TV commercials, outdoor, print, and digital solutions across all business lines including Healthymagination, Ecomagination, appliances, manufacturing, small business, aerospace, biotech, GE Capital, American Renewal, international enterprises, regional initiatives, and corporate branding. We developed co-branded communications that included case histories and testimonials from brands like jetBlue, Taylor Guitar, and Polaris. The strong identity system, tone of voice, and brand attitude, harmonized and redefined the new messages. The work has had a powerful impact on the public perception of the brand. Fortune recently named the company one of the world’s top global green brands. Not surprisingly, Ecomagination is also one of GE’s most successful business initiatives of all time, having generated up to $160 billion in revenue for the company.

Ecomagination TV Commercials

NOW Campaign

India Campaign

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